Prospective Players


CFC teams play in the Northeast Soccer League (NSL). NSL provides some of the highest levels of competition in the State.  Training for the fall season begins in July.  Fall season game play begins in September and ends in November.  Training for the spring season starts in the winter and commences prior to the beginning of the first games in April.  Game play for the spring season begins in late March or early April and ends in May.

Regular season NSL games are played on Sunday.  Teams competing in the U12 or younger divisions typically complete their games by 1:00 PM.  Teams competing in the U13 or older divisions typically start games in the afternoon, after 1:00 PM.

League play is very competitive.  Players must prepare mentally and physically for each league event.   Players are expected to make games their priority due to the significant commitment made by all members of the team. NSL promotes, relegates, or removes teams based on overall team performance.



CFC teams also compete in tournaments and off-season league play.  Coaches and team managers choose tournaments and indoor leagues at their discretion.  In the past few years CFC teams have played in tournaments in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Virginia.



The focus of CFC’s team and group training is the respective individual player’s technical development, particularly at younger ages.  Tactical development as well as soccer fitness are critical components of training.  There are several different training opportunities for players including team training, specialty training sessions, and group training.  There is no additional cost to participate in specialty or group training sessions.

All players are expected to attend training in appropriate soccer gear.  Players are expected to bring their assigned practice jerseys, shin pads, cleats, drink, and soccer ball to each training event.

Our players are not the only ones to attend training.  Our coaching team attends coach training sessions.  Further, our director of coaching works with coaches, players, and teams to advance the quality of our training sessions.



CFC’s home fields for game play and training are in Braintree.  Our game locations include Braintree High School, South Middle School, and East Middle School.  Training events are at various locations in Braintree with limited exceptions.  Away games are located in various locations across the State of Massachusetts and could include locations in the southern portion of New Hampshire and northern portion of Rhode Island.

Please see our contact page for current game address and location information.



The primary means of communication from coaches and staff to players and parents is email.  CFC seeks to keep in constant contact with its players.  Other communication resources for parents include the CFC website, where players and parents can view a comprehensive schedule of training, game, and special events.

CFC also has a social network presence.  Follow us on Twitter at @CommFCMA or on Facebook at



CFC prides itself on the delivery of quality soccer training and game play that families can afford.  Our annual tuition covers standard team costs including tournaments, registration fees, team training equipment, facilities, and ancillary costs.  The tuition for the 2017-2018 soccer year is $975.00 for players at all levels.  Player tuition does not include the cost of uniforms and gear.  Please note that certain teams take part in additional events or leagues for which an additional financial contribution may be expected.



Each player will receive a full uniform package.  The mandatory uniform package includes a game shirt, game shorts, two practice shirts (one black and one alternative color), game socks, backpack, and training jacket and pants.  The cost for this package is generally in the area of $150.00.

Each players is expected to have a complete uniform package.  From year-to-year, certain uniform items will be repeated.  Thus, returning players realize a significant value.

All players will order their uniform and gear at our online store.  Your team manager will notify you when the store is prepared to take orders.  Please do not place any orders until instructed to do so.

Players are invited to attend uniform fitting sessions prior to ordering.  All orders are placed online with our vendor, AMgC Sports, at   Fan gear is also available at our online store.


Players must be in their full, official uniform for every game.  Please note that players not in compliance might be excluded from game play by the referee.  Our uniform colors are green and white with black and silver accents for players considering purchasing anything to go along with gear.



Parents are asked to refrain from coaching from the sidelines.   It confuses players, particularly young ones, when coaches tell them one thing, and parents tell them another.  This is frequently the case.  We request that all spectators keep the conversation positive.  Additionally, CFC has absolutely zero tolerance for its’ spectators engaging other players, referees, or coaches.

Players are expected to conduct themselves with a level of integrity and sportsmanship that outmatches every program we encounter.  Each player is required to acknowledge these rules prior to registration.

CFC firmly believes that part of being a good sportsman is being a good teammate.  We run this program to build great soccer players, and great people.  To that end, players are expected to treat their teammates and coaches with respect.  This means making a true commitment to the success of the team and the program.



For information related to our tryout format or process, please click here and review our Tryout FAQ.