Commonwealth FC enters into Partnership with South Shore Select

South Shore Select

Commonwealth FC


Dear CFC Families,

Commonwealth FC is excited to announce that we will be working closely with the South Shore Select for the 2018-2019 season and beyond to continue our pattern of growth, offer new personal and soccer development programs for our players and families, and engage more deeply with the club soccer community. By forming an alliance with the Select, CFC will be in a position to provide more opportunities to our players both on and off the field. Our coaches and staff will work closely with Select personnel to share experiences and successes and learn from one another.

Our management team is confident that Select’s culture, priorities, values, programs, and history of success on the field make this partnership an excellent fit. We look forward to success in the years to come. Below we set out some of the information about this partnership. Should you have any questions, please reach out to your team manager, coach, or club leadership.

Sincerely yours,
The CFC Management Team

Here is why this alliance is an excellent opportunity for CFC, our families, and our players.

The club soccer landscape in Massachusetts shifted in very significant ways during the Spring of 2018. Many of the club programs that we compete with, and which are closer in geographical proximity to us, have entered relationships with clubs competing in the New England Premiership soccer league. After spending considerable time evaluating the options, and a significant amount of time in meetings, discussions, and negotiations, our management team came to consensus that the next best step for our families, and the program, is a migration to the NEP. Entry to the NEP was only possible through member club organizations. Consequently, we began working hard to form a relationship with a club that encompasses the same mission and values as CFC, and provides the absolute best opportunity for our entire CFC community both now and in the future. We are proud to announce that we have found that partner in South Shore Select.

Here is an overview of how this alliance will work.

For the 2018-2019 season, there will be very few changes. Our tryout, registration, team placement and overall operations will be similar to past years. Due to NEP regulations, a new uniform will be developed and approved. The objective is to identify a uniform kit to outfit players for two years. Throughout this year, we are excited to begin to work closely with South Shore Select, to enhance our overall product and to share best practices.

After the 2018-2019 season, Select and CFC will form a more integrated alliance. Members of our management staff will assume leadership roles within the Select organization, offering continuity of operations and helping us maintain our core founding principles.

Here is how this alliance will benefit our families, players, coach, staff, and Commonwealth FC as an organization.

We firmly believe this alliance is the logical next step for CFC and its families for several reasons. We look forward to a successful partnership, which we are sure will expose our players and coaches to new opportunities.

1). This alliance will provide the best opportunity for team and individual player development. Ultimately, this partnership provides us with more options to tailor each players’ experience in a way that will maximize individual growth on and off the field. Players and families will continue to have the opportunity to experience programming very similar to what has always been offered at CFC. For those players looking for a higher level pathway, we have now provided that in our partnership with South Shore Select

2). The transition to NEP offers our players the best opportunity to play appropriate competition. Further, because there are more local clubs competing in NEP than years past, we expect the travel demands to be less taxing on our families.

3). CFC is a program founded on the core belief that sports help young athletes develop critical life skills like responsibility, determination, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. Athletics fosters a sound body and mind and perhaps most important, sports are fun and help us develop relationships with friends and mentors. The CFC-Select alliance will offer our players more opportunity to engage in community events and programs focused on personal development and wellness. Our decision to form this partnership with Select was motivated in large part by the successful programs of this nature already in place.

4). Since its inception, CFC has always offered an affordable and convenient option for the families in our community. It is important to us to ensure that we continue to offer a club soccer experience at an affordable price. With this alliance, we have worked on strategies to contain the cost of base membership for our players. Players who choose to engage in additional opportunities will be able to do so at an additional cost. Our management team is committed to remaining a family friendly organization.

5). Braintree will continue to be a significant hub for training and game play.

6). Running a club soccer organization requires considerable manpower, infrastructure, and resources. By combining resources and personnel, we grow together so that we can continue to offer opportunities and growth for our players.