Commonwealth FC enters into Partnership with South Shore Select

Commonwealth FC is excited to announce that we will be working closely with the South Shore Select for the 2018-2019 season and beyond to continue our pattern of growth, offer new personal and soccer development programs for our players and families, and engage more deeply with the club soccer community. By forming an alliance with the Select, CFC will be in a position to provide more opportunities to our players both on and off the field. Our coaches and staff will work closely with Select personnel to share experiences and successes and learn from one another.

Our management team is confident that Select’s culture, priorities, values, programs, and history of success on the field make this partnership an excellent fit. We look forward to success in the years to come. Below we set out some of the information about this partnership. Should you have any questions, please reach out to your team manager, coach, or club leadership.

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 About our Program

Commonwealth FC was founded with the core belief that the most important thing for a player desiring a successful soccer career is to first love the game. There are many conflicts for young soccer players these days. CFC operates a professional, low-cost program led by coaches who couple a dynamic, challenging environment with tactical and technical development.  We always remember that soccer is a game, and that games are supposed to be fun.  We are building the players of tomorrow. Most important, all of our coaches and staff are as focused on building character as they are on player development.  Sportsmanship, integrity, confidence, hard work, determination, respect, and community are the cornerstone values of this organization.